Discover a Breakthrough in Industrial Microscopy with Nikon LV Series Industrial Microscopes now Available from Optimax. #Automation #Nikon #LV #Series

Optimax, a leading provider of cutting-edge optical solutions, is proud to announce the availability of the highly anticipated Nikon LV series industrial microscopes.

These revolutionary instruments mark a significant leap forward in industrial microscopy technology, catering to a wide range of industries including semiconductor devices, packaging, FPDs, electronic components, materials, and precision moulds.

The Eclipse LV series showcases a remarkable evolution, offering a versatile selection of stand and illumination units tailored to specific observation methods and purposes. With four types available, including motorized and manual options, as well as dedicated reflected illumination and combined reflected/transmitted illumination types, the expanded line-up ensures compatibility with various applications.

Featuring a compact LED illuminator and enhanced optical performance with the CfI60 optical system, these microscopes deliver exceptional imaging capabilities. When coupled with a digital camera and remote control, users can now leverage imaging software to seamlessly access microscope information, including objective lens details and motorized unit microscope operations. This breakthrough allows for more efficient observation and image capture.

All models within the Nikon LV series enable a wide range of observation techniques, such as brightfield, darkfield, differential interface, fluorescence, polarizing, and two-beam interferometry. The LV100ND and LV100NDA models further facilitate transmission-type differential interference, darkfield, polarizing, and phase contrast observation.

To experience the performance of the Nikon LV series industrial microscopes, why not schedule a demonstration by contacting Optimax at 01858 436940.

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