Remote monitoring for the industrial supply chain

Remote monitoring is not a new phenomenon. The technology has already established itself as standard part of control in manufacturing. Providing manufacturers with real-time insight into operations, remote monitoring enables them to make better decisions — regardless of where they are in the world. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at industrial obsolete parts manufacturer, EU Automation […]

Emerson Enhances Proportional Valves with Digital Communications Interface for Industry 4.0 And IIoT Integration

Availability of IO-Link® communications for ASCO NumaticsTM Sentronic Plus and Sentronic LP proportional pressure control valves increases reliability and reduces maintenance time. Emerson today introduced its ASCO Numatics Sentronic Plus (Series 614) and Sentronic LP (Series 617) proportional pressure control valves with the integration of IO-Link® communications to provide cost-effective and reliable control and diagnostics […]

Simmatic VD pumps are the all-in-one solution

Vacuum pumps in the latest VD range from Simmatic provide all of the functionality needed for a typical vacuum system in a single compact unit. The need for separate valves, manifolds and other ancillary components, along with the pipework to interconnect them, is eliminated. This simplifies systems design and provides big savings in assembly time and component […]

100+ Highly Accurate Pyrometers for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement!

The importance of accurate temperature measurement for industrial processes. – LumaSense Technologies owns Expert knowledge to achieve it Pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature. The key benefit of using an infrared thermometer to measure temperature is that […]

Evaporative cooling listed as new category on the Energy Technology List (ETL), entitling buyers to claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance

Seeley International are proud to have all three Breezair models listed on The Energy Technology List (ETL), a government list of energy-saving products used by businesses. Breezair products are the first evaporative coolers to be listed on the UK’s Carbon Trust Energy Technology List. The ETL (or Energy Technology Product List, ETPL) is a government-managed […]

Thermal engineering specialist, GRE Ltd, ships £1 million customised cooling solution to South Korea

Thermal engineering specialist, GRE Ltd, is playing a key role in the development of South Korea’s smart energy market following the £1million export of a fully bespoke ultra-pure water cooling system to one of South Korea’s largest smart energy producers. The custom-built cooling system, developed for an SVC power transmission system to manage the efficient distribution of […]