Investing in adhesives

~ Why ROI is more than just the payback period ~ One of the major considerations when specifying an adhesive is how quickly it will deliver return on investment (ROI), a metric that is affected by a variety of tangible and intangible factors. Here Matthew Baseley, Technical Sales Executive at adhesives specialist Intertronics, explains the […]

Ensuring pharmacovigilance: Technology to transform the capture and processing of drug safety data

Pharma processes rely on data. But with colossal volumes of information being captured each day, capturing meaningful insights is no easy feat. To gain knowledge and improve processes, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to collect, structure and collate data in a standardised way. Here, Alexandra Hughes, Industry Sales Manager at automation software supplier COPA-DATA UK, explains why […]

Continued growth for industrial networks despite pandemic – Industrial network market shares 2021 according to HMS Networks

Every year, HMS Networks carries out a study of the industrial network market to analyze the distribution of new connected nodes in factory automation. This year’s study shows that, despite the Corona pandemic, the industrial network market is expected it to grow by 6% in 2021. Industrial Ethernet still shows the highest growth and now […]