Walter AG, one of the world’s leading metalworking companies, will be announcing a host of tooling innovations at AMB – all designed to improve productivity and boost users’ profitability.

In addition to new solid carbide drills, new indexable inserts for turning and new thread milling inserts and cutters, Walter will also have on show a new tool dispensing machine, examples of its digital solutions for medium-sized companies and, in a world first, a new generation of tooling which the company says will bring benefits in multiple areas of applications.

While details of the new tool generation are being kept under wraps until AMB opens its doors, Walter AG Chairman Mirko Merlo says at the show the company will reinforce its policy “of supporting customers throughout the entire value chain with digitisation solutions and innovative precision tools”.

Visitors to the stand will be able to discuss customised process optimisation and digitisation solutions that allow plug-and-play installation to address the production challenges faced by medium-sized companies, including the Comara appCom production assistance system.

Able to be configured in just under an hour, appCom analyses and visualises machine data in real time and actions the appropriate optimisation procedures.

In addition, visitors can also hear about the Comara iCut software tool, which measures spindle output at up to 500 times per second then in real time automatically adjusts the feed to suit current cutting conditions.

Also on show at AMB will be a new tool dispensing machine, which can be configured and expanded on a customer-specific basis. Complementary to this, Walter can also provide customer-specific tool management solutions, from simple tool dispensing through to component cost concepts.

Another AMB launch will be new indexable insert thread milling cutters and a new thread milling cutter insert with D61 geometry, to increase the ability to produce different thread pitches and lengths.

The T2713 single-row thread milling cutter ensures good chip evacuation and prevents the tool being deflected from its course by chips. The process produces perfectly cylindrical threads, even where there are large overhangs. The multiple-row variants T2711 and T2712 are designed for maximum productivity by processing multiple thread sections in parallel.

Made from an extremely fine-grain titanium carbon-based cermet substrate, the new WEP 10 indexable inserts for turning will also be making their debut. The new substrate not only results in longer tool life than conventional carbide, but it also minimises fluctuations in dimensions. WEP 10 inserts produce mirror-finish surfaces.

Adding to the new tool announcements, a range of solid carbide drills in the Advance product range have universal use in all ISO material groups and for various applications with all machine concepts. With these, a new end-face geometry facilitates chip-forming, primarily with soft materials, and a steep pointing angle enhances both precision and hole quality.

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