“The complete KABELSCHLEPP”: an essential manual in the field of drag chains

It is all in the name: “The complete KABELSCHLEPP” offers compact knowledge on the topic of drag chains on over 700 pages. Compared to the previous complete catalogue, the experts from KABELSCHLEPP Metool have added numerous technical product information and also explain the basics of the subject area, making it ideal also for customers which have not worked with cable carriers in detail before.

“The complete KABELSCHLEPP” focuses on the drag chain portfolio, with the advantage that much greater detail can be provided on the cable carriers than before. To create a basis for all additional information, the catalogue starts out with the chapter “Configuration guidelines”. It covers the selection of the best possible drag chain and explains important rules for installing cables and hoses. The different installation variants are another topic: This section of the catalogue provides the basic background knowledge before then giving readers details on the individual series.

“The complete KABELSCHLEPP” offers compact knowledge on the topic of drag chains on over 700 pages

The main section of the catalogue was also completely revised and expanded, with a focus on user friendliness. The item “Features” for each series offers an overview with the most important characteristics of the respective drag chains, including the available dimensions. This provides customers with initial information as to whether the product is suitable for the application in question. The following sub-chapters then list the technical details for the respective models, including the specifications for the available stay variants. In addition to this, technical information on gliding drag chains was also added and the information on end connectors and guide channels was also greatly expanded. And there is more: Once the decision on a drag chain has been made, the order examples provide information on which details are required for ordering the article. This makes “The complete KABELSCHLEPP” a well-founded reference document which provides competent support to customers during the entire procurement process, from initial information and the selection of the right drag chain to ordering.

“The complete KABELSCHLEPP” is now available on the KABELSCHLEPP Metool website as a download, with an option of requesting a printed version.


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