Spray nozzle specialists THE SPRAY NOZZLE PEOPLE (SNP) are pleased to announce a new range of spray control products. SNP have established themselves over the last 18 years as leading experts in spray nozzle technology advising a multitude of food process, manufacturing and chemical companies on correct nozzle selection and spray process optimisation, as quite simply the control of the fluid supply to their nozzles is of vital importance.

Commenting on their range of spray control products, Marketing Director Ivan Zytynski said, “We are confident in our technical expertise to specify the correct spray nozzle for any application but this is only one of all the factors that need to be considered – if the fluid supplied to that nozzle is not properly controlled.” He continued, “With a proven and solid set of air and fluid regulators now in our product range we can have more confidence our nozzle system will work as specified.”

The new SNP product range includes hygienic fluid regulators, filters, air regulators and valves for use with SNP’s air atomising nozzles. The Spray Nozzle People are part of the Spray People Group.

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