HARTING introduces Han® Configurator: an interactive tool to speed the selection of heavy-duty industrial connectors

The HARTING Han® Configurator is a new interactive tool designed to speed the selection of heavy-duty industrial connectors by allowing engineers to quickly access all the necessary information and relevant data on the individual interface components prior to producing a design that can be viewed as a 3D model in real time. The Han® Configurator […]


Bilfinger Tebodin, the global consulting and engineering firm, is offering clients the very latest in digital technology to design both new facilities and change existing plants. One element of this is Building Information Modeling (BIM), a collaborative way of working, which unlocks more efficient methods of designing, creating and maintaining of assets. BIM is now […]

Decentralization at Its Finest

Greater flexibility and modularity are major trends in machine and plant engineering. It is increasingly common for standard machines and optional additional units to be manufactured as separate mechanical and electronic units that are joined together only shortly before commissioning the full system. The installation hardware must live up to the modularity of the machine. […]

Robot R&D: Bearings

Accuracy describes how closely a robot reaches a commanded position. When the absolute position of the robot is compared to the commanded position, the error calculated is the measure of accuracy. Chris Johnson, managing director of precision bearing specialist SMB Bearings, explains how quality bearings are integral for improving accuracy in the robotics industry.

The Action is Out on the Edge

By David Laurello, President and CEO, Stratus Technologies In all the excitement over the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), the domain of computing activity that may do most to translate IIoT technology into lasting business value has been somewhat overlooked. Yes, we’re talking about Edge Computing