Outstanding Cooling From Above

Rittal has developed a roof-mounted version of its award-winning and highly energy efficient Blue e+ cooling units; these are designed for enclosures of 800 x 600mm (W x D) upwards and deliver a cooling output of 1.3 kW. The new roof-mounted units also feature within the new VX25 large enclosure system as an integrated solution.

Digital Imaging for Ballistics Proofing Ranges (Specialised Imaging)

Designed to capture 11-million-pixel resolution images the Specialised Imaging SIR3 ballistics range camera provides more detail than any other high-speed camera in its class. The compact, lightweight SIR3 sets a new standard for ballistic range testing with its unique ability to acquire two separate full resolution images enabling valuable displacement and velocity information to be determined […]


Multicar is a versatile monorail system manufactured in Germany by Telelift GmbH and supplied, installed and maintained in the UK by Quirepace Ltd. A Multicar installation consists of a network of track, which can be linked by switches (points) enabling complex layouts to be configured. Trolleys operate autonomously on the track network carrying diverse payloads […]

OEM Manufactured Drive Couplings

The Only Safe And Reliable Solution We live in a world where it has never been easier to search for, find and purchase items on line. However, along with the benefits which on-line purchasing brings can come some hidden dangers, including the risk of inadvertently purchasing counterfeit products. Whilst these items may on the face […]

Pregis roll out new ancillary technology for green packaging

Pregis Limited have announced the launch of their new Easypack® Coiler, a high volume, high-speed ancillary packaging solution that boosts on-demand packing times and enhances user experience. Designed to bolt-on directly on to their bestselling Packmaster™Pro packaging technology, the new Coiler system automates the process of producing coils of robust, cushion packaging made from 100% […]


The development of increasingly sophisticated automation systems is one of the main drivers for distance measurement sensors to combine features and functions such as high-accuracy, high speed and micro-millimeter precision, along with all the benefits of IO-Link connectivity. BAUMER is a leader in sensor technology and is responding with innovative, market leading products such as […]


The new range of robust and flexible ULTRASONIC SENSORS from BAUMER for distance measurement and object detection set high standards for process reliability and longevity in ultrasonic sensor technology. They are available in 2 designs; the cubical U500 and cylindrical UR18 with both options characterized by a robust housing and hermetically sealed sensor elements to […]


Established in 1958 and home to the award-winning Dorset Clotted Cream, BV Dairy is one of the most highly respected suppliers of specialist dairy products in the South West of England.  In 2016, after being awarded a long-term contract to supply cultured milk drinks and drinking yogurts, they made a multimillion-pound investment in a new […]