No Data Re-entry With Template Quotations

A common pain point among subcontract precision engineers is not only the time it takes to quote for a component but the time it takes to requote or quote for new drawings that are very similar to previously quoted parts. In the ever-busy engineering environment quoting needs to be fast and highly accurate in order to win work from customers.

The time it takes to input information manually, into formats such as Microsoft Excel, or trawl back through email chains is all time that could be spent productively, producing components on the shop floor or pushing to win new work.

PSL Datatrack, a modular production control system, takes this pain away through its template quotations facility. Templates in PSL Datatrack are complete quotes that can be copied with clear instruction for the user to make changes.

All that is required for a template quote is a reserved template account and a name. Popular examples are ‘Turning only’ or ‘Turning & Milling.’ Drawing number and component description indicators are set so it is clear that they need to be changed and cannot be misused for any reason.

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The Quotations Listing Screen can then be filtered for the template account to show all template quotations. The relevant template can be selected from the Listing Screen, copied to a customer account and the placeholder information updated. This quote will then already contain any predefined information the user has chosen to set, such as process, material, subcontract and tooling details.

There are several other options in PSL Datatrack for users looking to save time by reusing existing information. Menu options allow them to search for and copy processes and/or Bills Of Material (BOMs) from other quotes without recreating all details from scratch.

Users installing the Contract Review module will also be able to set review items on template quotes, meaning a contract review checklist does not need to be created every time a new request for quotation (RFQ) is received. Alternatively, the system can pick up account-specific review items when the template is reassigned to a customer.

In a time when quoting must be fast and accurate to beat the competition, can you afford not to be using a production control software system that is designed to streamline the entire production process from quotation to invoice, preventing manual administration and data re-entry?



The answer is no. So, call PSL Datatrack on 01344 827312 or email [email protected] today!

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