Electronic Component Management easier with Automation

A good system for managing electronic parts is essential, no business wants to waste time hunting for components which are required in a timely manner for customers and production needs.

The requirement to manage thousands of individual electronic components and manage customer expectations means that smarter solutions are required by the industry and running high-mix production is labour-intensive. Time is required to manage the flow of components needed to send to customers and the frequent setups and changeovers within the industry.  This means that there are high costs in relation to hunting down the right components. This is no mean feat and clarity is required on how best to store, locate, and manage stock.

Traditionally storage cupboards were used to stock small components such as Chips (ICs), and other semiconductors in plastic bags. Larger stock such as passives THT capacitors, SMD resistors, THT resisters and SMD reels needed a more optimised solution. One of the reasons storage has become such an issue for the electronic industry is the speed of change in components and keeping up with constant technological evolution.

Most electrical component failure is caused by excess temperature, excess current, mechanical shock, or impact. A static charge can impact electronic components to the point of failure.

It’s important to have full control over humidity and temperature levels to protect sensitive components. Unit temperatures may range from -25 °C to 60 °C and unit humidity can be reduced by up to 5 %, when necessary. When working with electronics, automation can give you the security to implement solutions that meet industry requirements such as Fire protection, EDS protection, and clean, dust-free storage which in some cases is required.

GPV Group in Sweden has been using Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) for over 30 years. To further save space, improve stock accuracy and safely store customer owned material, they replaced their old Vertical Carousel Modules (VCM) with new Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) and the latest software. GPV have optimised the use of their overhead space, with shelves adjusting to the height of the products.  This has meant that the new machines can store more items on roughly the same floor space as the old Vertical Carousel Modules and using Kardex Colour Pick System, they have combined their ASRS with smart picking and replenishment, which has allowed for a more efficient use of their resources.


Therefore, investing in a good electronic components and parts management system that utilises automation and proper storage conditions will save time and money in the long run.  ASRS ensures that all components are readily available when needed, minimising the time spent on searching for parts.  In addition, proper storage conditions can prevent electronic component failures, thus reducing the need for costly replacements and repairs. This is especially important for businesses with a high-mix production, where frequent setups and changeovers are necessary.

In conclusion, a good electronic storage and parts management system is essential for efficient business operations and customer satisfaction. With the constant evolution of technology and the need for high-mix production, it is important to invest in a smart solution that can streamline inventory management and reduce costs related to hunting down missing components. Proper storage conditions and automation can also prevent electronic component failures, ensuring a smoother production process and minimising the need for costly replacements and repairs…

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