Advantech 2023 Industrial IoT Star Product Guide now available: 28-page catalogue highlights the most popular IIoT Systems and Devices for a wide range of applications and industries #industrynews

Advantech, a global leader in Industrial IoT, has published a comprehensive overview of their edge-to-edge-cloud solutions in the 2023 edition of their Industrial Systems and Devices Star Product Guide. The free to download 28 page brochure is a complete guide to their market leading IIoT product range, providing customers with everything they need to know to stay ahead of the curve with IIoT deployment; from IIoT hardware to innovative software for intelligent factories to industrial automation and their IoTMart/AOnline direct sales channels.

The product guide includes:

  • Vertical Market Solutions
  • Edge Computing
  • Edge AI Technology
  • Automation Control
  • Intelligent Connectivity
  • Edge Data Acquisition
  • Wireless Sensing and Fleet Networking

Advantech’s innovative IIoT Edge to Cloud Technologies include EtherCAT Control and I/O Systems, Advanced Computer Vision devices, Serial / USB Communications, Wireless I/O and Sensors, IIoT Gateways and RTUs, Connectivity and TSN as well as DAQ and Remote I/O and Domain Platforms suitable for Oil and Gas, Railway and Utility and Energy applications.

Customers also have access to advanced software solutions from Advantech such as:

  • WebAccess/SCADA – IIoT application software.
  • WISE-EdgeLink – powerful edge-to-cloud middleware for intelligent gateway solutions.
  • WISE-DataConnect – IIoT device, platform, application and data management software.

The new catalogue illustrates how Advantech are leading the way with investment in key market areas including:

  • Intelligent Factory Solutions to improve energy sustainability, equipment effectiveness and operation optimisation.
  • Energy and Environment Solutions accelerating Cloud-Enabled IIoT and Smart Cities.
  • Utility and Energy power Conversion Solutions for maximum energy transition.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems for modern infrastructures.
  • Intelligent Systems and Platform Infrastructure for the IIoT.
  • Embedded Automation Computers providing seamless connection and transmission for Edge IoT applications.
  • Intelligent HMI and Industrial Monitors offering leading HMI Innovations for Smart Factories.
  • Industrial Tablet Solutions supporting on-site management, manufacturing and patrol inspection.
  • Edge AI Platforms and Industrial Servers delivering industrial AI Platforms at The Edge.
  • Edge DAQ Devices, boosters for equipment manufacturers, rental services, and end users.
  • EtherCAT Control and I/O Solutions offering integrated CODESYS solutions for real-time machine control and data acquisition.
  • Industrial Communication providing seamless data connectivity from the network edge to the core.
  • Data Acquisition and Control in diverse form factors to satisfy DAQ requirements.
  • Serial and USB Communication Solutions improving legacy serial devices with IIoT.
  • IoT-ready Remote I/O and Intelligent I/O Gateways providing transformation for the IIoT’s wider and larger applications.
  • Wireless I/O and Sensors Industrial Wireless I/O and Sensor Modules for machine condition monitoring and cloud integration.
  • Wireless Fleet and Industrial Networking for remote device management and data collection.

The new 2023 Industrial IoT Star Product Catalogue  from Advantech is available to download at For a printed copy or more information regarding Advantech products, please contact your local sales support team, visit Advantech, at or visit our website

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