Durable 2D barcoded tubes for low temperature sample storage #automation #industrynews #2D #barcoded #tubes

High quality European manufactured CryzoTraq™ tubes from Ziath are designed for cryogenic storage of your valuable samples and specimens at temperatures as low as minus 196°C.

Available in 2 ml and 5 ml formats, CryzoTraq™ tubes have a 2D Datamatrix barcode ultrasonically welded into the base of the tube to ensure full sample traceability. This unique code is reproduced with a Code 128 linear barcode and human readable text on the tube side. These durable cryogenic storage tubes are supplied with both internal and external threaded caps, ensuring compatibility with almost any capping / decapping system.

Incorporating a proprietary 2-stage injection moulded cap that avoids using traditional sealing solutions such as O-rings – CryzoTraq™ tubes are guaranteed leak-free. Even in liquid nitrogen storage systems this advanced sealing solution is proven to prevent contamination or loss of samples.

All CryzoTraq 2D barcoded tubes are manufactured in a European Class 7 cleanroom using medical grade polypropylene. Each batch is beta radiation sterilized by an electron beam, eliminating potential biological contaminants from the product preparation workflow, ensuring that the cryotubes are free from RNase, DNase, and other unwanted substances.

For further information please visit www.ziath.com/products/tubes/cryzotraq-tubes-and-racks or contact Ziath on +44-1223-855021 / +1-858-880-6920 / +31-6-4314-1195 / [email protected].

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