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The Nordics’ leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Nowaste Logistics, with a focus on implementing high-quality and innovative automation solutions, commissioned Kardex to create a tailor-made solution for their new customer’s requirements.

Kardex used a combination of Vertical Carousel Module Kardex Megamats, Vertical Lift Module Kardex Shuttles, and a Kardex Color Pick System, to enable Nowaste Logistics to double their efficiency, minimize the footprint, and achieve a high throughput which has delivered a fast ROI.

Nowaste Logistics faced a common challenge for 3PL providers: managing different customer portfolios while providing efficient solutions to meet specific needs. The company was looking for a high-quality automation solution for a new customer, a Nordic market leader in hobby materials. Nowaste needed to store approximately 20,000 SKUs in various sizes, reduce the footprint to a minimum, ensure high performance and create flexible operations.

Tailor-made solutions for specific customer needs

After analysing the needs carefully, the Kardex team created a tailor-made solution providing high performance, minimum footprint, flexibility, scalability, and a fast ROI.

The initial solution was a mix of six Kardex Megamats and three Kardex Shuttles together with the software solution Kardex Power Pick System, which included the picking strategy Kardex Colour Pick System. Nine months after the initial implementation, Nowaste Logistics added four additional Kardex Megamats due to increased order volume. The scalable and modular solution was easily extended during operations.

Nowaste Logistics manages daily operations, including inbound orders and picking, in the automated Kardex zone, located next to the packing station. The Kardex Megamats are used for small and mid-size items in similar heights, whilst the Kardex Shuttles are used for flexible storage of very small to large items as fabric rolls. Both solutions provide high-density storage and reduced floor space while increasing throughput.

The Kardex Color Pick System is at the heart of the system and seamlessly integrated into Nowaste Logistics` WMS system. The Kardex Color Pick System is flexible and combines inbound orders, outbound orders, batch picking and one-line orders simultaneously. The system enables Nowaste to have fast and accurate order picking with inbound processes which doubled the number of order lines compared to working with regular static racking. It allows up to 2,000 picks per hour during peak times. Nowaste Logistics can now scale the number of operators based on volume changes. Furthermore, the solution also reduces walking distances and offers an ergonomic working environment.

Bilal Charif, Nowaste Logistics, Business Architect shares, “When we compare the efficiency in the automated Kardex zone, and the manual zone, we can see that the Kardex zone has doubled the efficiency. Thanks to the Kardex solutions, we have reduced the footprint significantly and increased our throughput.” Overall, the Kardex solution helped the 3PL company reach its goal to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with an efficient automated solution.

Watch the video case study Nowaste Logistics.

Nowaste Logistics is a 3PL provider based in Helsingborg, Sweden, is a subsidiary of Everfresh AB, which is a part of Dole Plc, the world’s largest player in fresh fruit and vegetables, with a turnover of over EUR 10 billion. Nowaste Logistics has continuously invested in developing innovative solutions and has achieved global success in several segments including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, fashion and food & beverage.


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