Customers are the ‘life-blood’ of any ecommerce company #Automation #ecommerce

“Today’s consumers have seemingly less time (and patience!) than ever before and with the growing culture of app-based “click and collect” permeating society, companies are now having to satisfy their customers’ needs, faster and more precisely – the introduction of warehouse automation is vital to addressing this requirement.

Current market drivers and market trends – such as rapidly growing e-commerce, ever more complex services, and faster delivery times – represent big challenges for companies when new storage and order picking capacity needs to be created with little complexity.   Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are today’s answer to a growing market with ever changing customer requirements

When process complexity increases, you need fast, reliable and efficient storage, retrieval and distribution of your goods as well as optimal use of human resources, which is all achievable through modernisation. In view of the permanently growing range of goods and ever faster delivery times, quick access to goods is essential for order picking performance with as few errors as possible.

Intelligent pick and put-by-light systems, RF/RFID systems access, continuous batch picking, together with more integrated and sophisticated material flow layouts are now appearing in even the smallest of businesses.

Kardex is recognised for quality and a world-wide legacy of developing solutions in line with the changing requirements of their customers. As Kardex continues its drive into the wider automation field, it has widened its focus from its previously core products – vertical lifts and carousels – and its newer technologies such as the Vertical Buffer Module. This, in conjunction with its picking software system (PPS), is driving the company to new heights and into new segments.

“We’re a force to be reckoned with,” says Aaron Thornton, New Business Director, Kardex UK & Ireland. “We’re now able to attract a customer base that Kardex may not have communicated with previously for example, 3PLs and ecommerce businesses. We’re now looking at integration with conveyors, AMR solutions and robotics. Last year we took on the AutoStore products to further widen our portfolio.”

To be competitive, companies can no longer rely solely on staff-hungry manual processes within their material flow operations or picking and despatch functions. The adoption of automation and intelligent software control are vital components in maintaining and increasing market share. With IOT and Industry 4.0 now a consideration for all companies large and small, solutions offering flexibility and smarter ways of working will be mandatory and not optional.

To learn more about Kardex solutions visit the website at: or visit them in person at the Robotics & Automation exhibition in Birmingham on 28th-29th March.

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