Superstatic 440 – Unequalled quality and precision from Sontex

Sontex has been creating innovative energy monitoring equipment for over 30 years and DMS Metering Solutions are proud to be the UK exclusive distributor.

The Superstatic 440 meter is part of the main range from Sontex, covering all size requirements. They have been used countless times for heat metering and cooling applications. They work with flowrate and temperature sensors that inform the relevant integrator of volume and temperature differences. The Superstatic 440 meters have been used extensively in the UK on District Heating Schemes and on Commercial/Domestic RHI Installations for many years.

The Superstatic 440 meter is used on large domestic and commercial installations such as shopping centres, large residential complexes or heating networks, covering all size connections and flow requirements. The meter is designed and optimised to measure the consumption of thermal energy in any district heating, district cooling or building management system for the individual billing of thermal energy costs and can be easily integrated in any Smart Metering Environment.

The meter works on fluid oscillation principle, this guarantees a high stability and repeatability for a reliable and precise measurement of flow rates from 1.5 to 1,500 m3/h. The measuring principle is unique to the Sontex brand and allows the meter to operate safely when used alongside glycol solutions whilst still retaining the accuracy and MID Class 2, EN1434 class 2 Approval.

Made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, it guarantees measurement stability and reliability over many calibration periods. Irrespective of nominal size, the Superstatic 440 measuring head is always identical and is the only part that is changed for each new calibration period. This greatly simplifies planning with the heavy main element remaining in the pipe system. These can be fitted horizontally or vertically and used in hot or cold pipe configurations with either flanged or screwed connections.

The Superstatic 440 is supplied alongside the Supercal 531 Integrator and a pair of temperature sensors and pockets. Unions are supplied where necessary for smaller sizes. Supercal 531 is a success thanks to their modular concept, the operating principle is clear and user-friendly. It allows the collection, read-out, and analysis of a wide range of data.

The integrator offers a choice of M-Bus, radio or SMS modules and can be upgraded with additional communication outputs such as e.g. BACnet, ModBus and LON. These can be added later without losing calibration.

The meters can be supplied with a D-Cell battery as standard to meet the need for remote installations. Alongside the battery option, a mains powered version can be supplied with voltage requirements of 230vac, 24vac or 24vdc.

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