2200 Series Modular Belt Conveyor Now Being Built at Dorner Europe’s Jülich, Germany, Location; Faster Delivery Throughout Region

Dorner GmbH continues product expansion by adding the 2200 Series Modular Belt Conveyor to its portfolio of conveyor platforms being manufactured in Jülich, Germany. Dorner (https://www.dornerconveyors.com) is an industry leader in the design, application, manufacturing and integration of precision industrial and sanitary conveyor systems.

The 2200 Series Modular Belt is ideal for small to medium part handling within the automation, packaging, assembling, metalworking and general manufacturing industries. The conveyor comes with features and benefits that make it ideal for a variety of conveying applications, including:

• Ladder-style, open-frame design that allows better airflow through the frame for cooling, water and chemical drainage applications

• Sleek, narrow profile for positioning under machinery and in other tight spaces where other conveyors wouldn’t fit

• Universal T-slot compatible with industry standard hardware for attaching accessories and guiding fast and simple

The 2200 Series Modular Belt joins the 2200 Series LPZ as the second major conveyor platform this year being manufactured from Dorner’s Jülich, Germany, location. Now building three versions of the 2200 Series in Germany enables customers throughout Europe and the Middle East to take delivery of their equipment faster than ever before.

Features and specifications of the 2200 Series Modular Belt conveyor include:

• Loads up to 68 kg

• Belt speeds up to 76 m/min

• Belt widths: 76 mm to 610 mm

• Conveyor lengths: 457 mm to 9,144 mm

• Micro pitch (general purpose) belt option

• Metalworking belt option

• 12 mm diameter integral drive shaft

• Fully encapsulated in frame belt return

For more information on Dorner’s 2200 Series Modular Belt conveyors being manufactured in Germany, visit www.dornerconveyors.com.

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