M12 connectors from binder – the perfect fit for sensors and actuators in automation applications

The most common circular connector specified for use across many industrial sectors is the M12 connector.

Today, it is used widely to connect sensors and actuators as well as in applications like Fieldbus and industrial Ethernet installations. binder manufactures a wide variety of M12 connectors in different codings and pin counts to satisfy the broadest range of applications.

One of binder’s most recent introductions is a pair of power connectors. One is K (AC power) coded, the other L (DC power) coded and both are in accordance with IEC 610776-2-111.
These M12 connectors are available in either cable or panel mount versions and have been designed to ensure a totally reliable connection in environments where the need to protect against dust, water and other substances is paramount. The 12mm locking thread connector provides protection to IP67/IP68 when mated.

Designed for field assembly, the cable connector is available in male and female versions and can accommodate cable diameters from 8 to 13mm and wire sizes up to 2.5mm². The male and female panel mount connector is pre-assembled with a standard wire length of 200mm. binder can supply other lengths on request.

Another M12 connector series from binder is designed specifically for a variety of applications in the food and beverage sectors according to FDA 21 CFR. The range includes moulded and angled male and female cable connectors and connecting cables with M12 threads.

These M12 A-coded connectors are available in three, four, five, eight and 12-pole versions in accordance with DIN EN 61076-2-101 and DIN EN 61076-2-104 respectively. Maximum current is 4A at 250V.

M12 A-Coded connector – special plastics prevent dirt adhesion binder has designed these M12 connectors using premium materials including stainless steel and special plastics with highly smooth contours to prevent dirt adhesion. The moulded heads are made from cream-coloured RAL 9001 polypropylene plastic and the cables have a grey PVC jacket.

Because high pressure cleaning with aggressive chemicals is widely used throughout these food and beverage sectors, these M12 connectors provide protection to IP68 and IP69K.
As well as the food and beverage sector, these new M12 circular connectors are suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and in other types of industrial food processing, including milk and cheese dairies, meat processing facilities, bottling plants and food storage.

binder is a family-owned company employing 1800 people worldwide. The company is an innovative leader in the field of industrial circular connectors supplying a wide range of high-quality products ideal for all types of industrial applications.

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