Secure plug-in connections for modular battery storage

The sustainable use of renewable energies such as wind or solar power can only be achieved through energy storage modules, as these enable time-delayed, needs-based use of the collected energy. The new Han® S connector range from HARTING now makes it easier to connect large arrays of battery storage modules.

With the Han S® series, HARTING offers secure connection technology for modular battery storage systems. The compact and flexible housings accommodate contacts for currents up to 200 A and 1500 V and bulkhead housings can be flexibly rotated through 360 degrees. HARTING have also coloured the positive terminals red and the negative terminals black, which prevents incorrect mating.

The use of connectors also speeds up the construction of energy storage modules, which have huge benefits for many companies, including the ability to maintain an uninterruptible power supply and savings on energy costs by using delayed load usage.

As demand continues to increase, providers of storage systems need to connect a number of cells. The Han S® is specially designed to meet this need, providing simple, fast and safe connections and supporting the assembly of battery storage modules in large quantities.

The Han S® offers users plug-in connections for storage modules while providing maximum safety, since the design meets all technical requirements and is based on the latest standard UL 4128 for stationary energy storage systems. The entire range meets the highest standardisation level required by the international market.

These properties are also beneficial for service and maintenance. If a cell in an energy storage module shows a drop in performance, the respective management system can be used to switch it off and have it replaced. To do so, the Han S® interfaces of the adjacent modules are simply turned to the locked state to make room for the switch-out. This procedure can be done without interrupting the energy storage functions of the neighbouring modules.

Han S® is the first high-current battery connector that meets the relevant UL and railway standards for stationary energy storage systems. Among others, it fulfils the requirements of UL 4128 for connectors in electrochemical battery system applications, UL 1973 for batteries in stationary applications, for emergency power supply for vehicles and in light rail application and UL 9540 for energy storage systems and accessories. Han S® is also shock and vibration proof according to the relevant railway standards. To learn more, please visit:

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