On track with autonomous 2Gen

KOLLMORGEN expands its new generation of motors to cover the low voltage range

Following the successful launch of the second generation AKM2G servo motors, KOLLMORGEN is now
expanding its new range for applications in the low voltage range. The specialist in servo drive technology
and Motion Control is responding to increased demand for AKM2G motors for AGVs, robotics, and medical
technology. Powerful compact motors for supply voltages of 24, 48, 72 and 96 V DC are increasingly in
demand here.

KOLLMORGEN is initially launching the AKM2G motors for low voltage applications in frame size 3. The
company is relying on optical encoders, Hiperface DSL, EnDat as well as the tried-and-tested robust
Resolver as feedback systems. In terms of connection technology, the options available currently include
M23 connections in the SpeedTec version and hybrid Htec. Further options are due to follow as part of the
market launch.

In terms of drive behavior, the AKM2G servo motors deliver a permanent torque between 0.6 and 9 Nm for
low voltages with peak torques up to 27 Nm. This means that the new motors achieve the best values for
compact mobile applications from the material flow. A look at logistics shows how widespread the
autonomous transportation systems known as AGVs are today. High power density as well as economical
use of electrical energy are essential features of the second generation of AKM motors from KOLLMORGEN.
These features have been transferred 1:1 to the new low voltage series. This opens up new possibilities for
mechanical engineering in the design of small robots, autonomous transportation systems, and automated
medical technology. KOLLMORGEN also continues to rely on customizing as a factor in its success. The
new range is easy to configure for individual tasks and also provides additional scope for non-standard
customer-specific options.

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