Safety relay with solid state outputs

Phoenix Contact presents a new member of the product family safety relay: The PSR-MC31 provides two safe solid state outputs by having a footprint of just 12.5mm.

Due to non-expendable switching the safety relay module is suitable for all safety applications where a high number of operating cycles is required as it is important for manual feeding processes. Furthermore a short response time of less than 10ms allows reduced safety distances. Each output has a switching capacity of more than 2A which allows also to operate higher loads such as hydraulic valves etc. The relay is compatible with all relevant sensors such as electromechanical E-Stops, interlocks, light curtains as well as safety edges or mats using a 4-wire-principle (short circuit design). In case of connecting several safety modules together each module provides a separate cascading input. Furthermore each module can be configured either with automatic or manual monitored start in accordance with EN ISO 13849 as it is required for safety function with whole body access. Thanks to the TUEV approval safety related applications up to PL e or SIL 3 can be realised.

Automation Update