Analyse power quality indoors and out!

Chauvin Arnoux has recently launched the C.A 8436 Qualistar+, a new all-terrain power quality analyser, which is ideal for making accurate and reliable measurements in the field. The instrument can be used on all types of low-voltage installations for preventive and corrective maintenance, and also as an aid to fault-finding. Furthermore, it features rugged, watertight construction with an IP67 protection rating which makes it suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

The C.A 8436 Qualistar+ has five voltage inputs and four current inputs and supports simultaneous recording of all voltage, current and power parameters. Current measurements in the range 100 mA to 10,000 A are facilitated by the use of MiniFLEX flexible sensors that are easy to install and require no direct connection to the circuits being monitored.


The instrument measures total power, active power, reactive power, power factor and many other key power parameters, as well as providing detailed information about harmonics up to the 50th, total harmonic distortion (THD), flicker, transients and energy usage. Results are displayed numerically and graphically on a large TFT colour screen which is offers both day and night modes to ensure comfortable viewing under all conditions.


It is also possible to set up to 10,000 alarms of 40 different types. This feature is an invaluable aid to diagnosing intermittent problems, and for alerting users to power quality problems when the instrument is used for long-term monitoring.


All data collected by the instrument is recorded automatically and recording periods from two weeks to several years are possible. Stored data can be readily downloaded to a PC via a high-speed USB link and, as the C.A 8436 Qualistar+ complies with IEC 1000-4-30, the data can be used to produce measurement reports in compliance with the EN 50160 standard.

Automation Update