ALLrollEX®: 3000 good reasons to choose our cast stretch line

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COLINES® has just recently launched its new generation ALLrollEX® 3000 6UP, a stretch film production line with cutting-edge technology that keeps setting new records!

ALLrollEX® 3000 is extremely user-friendly as well as being “cheap” to run; it has the lowest specific power consumption rate KWh/kg on the market.


What’s new on the new generation of ALLrollEX® 3000: a host of new technical features have improved the quality of so-called high performance films (extreme down-gauging o stiff films – metallocene-rich-recipies) and consistency in overall line performance in terms of reliability and throughtput. Developments of the automation system allow to dramatically reduce the man-machine-interaction.


How we got there:

–         Newly designed gel free* extrusion screw profile.

–         BIG-MOUTH® – 4th generation of the low consumption refeeding system reclaiming up to 40%.

–         Infrared heaters installed on PERFORM-EX® extruders. Energy saving up to 22% versus conventional ceramic heaters.

–         Brand new die-model (Reflex by Cloeren) with state-of-the-art improved automation system by Elav (our automation division).

–         Newly designed edge pinning devices and new generation multi chambers vacuum box, able to achieve the best possible stability and grip of low-gauged films.

–         Newly designed cast unit for a wrapping angle of film up to 309°.

–         Motorized cylinders, ideal for controlling and managing the film tension.

–         New generation of ALLSPEEDY® IV winder (5 patents), flexible and easy-to-use, perfect for winding low-gauged film, leaving a very short tail.


*As per conventional Standard

Automation Update