Our new water meter is making a splash in the industry!

The new Ultramis Ultrasonic Water Meter, has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards – the composite body ensure that none of the materials made of heavy metals come into contact with water. The standard version of this range are fully waterproof and IP680 compliant.

The structure of the measurement chamber also makes them resistant to hydrodynamic impact. The Ultramis product range includes ultrasonic water meters of different total lengths, including some of the smallest and lightest meters on the market! The meters contain W-Sonic Technology ensures full resistance to magnetic forces and allows indications within the R800 range, with a starting flow of 0.75 l (diameter DN15).

DMS Metering Solutions have a close relationship with Apator PoWogaz, meaning we can provide the correct meters in a fast and cost effective way. If you need a water meter for your application, contact our sales and technical team today!

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