Coated and Uncoated Options Available

Two crystal quartz plates with their optical axes arranged perpendicular to one another results in the creation of a zero order waveplate. Zero order waveplates are retarders which modifies the polarization state of light without attenuation or deviation of the input beam. The difference in thickness of both plates is exactly Lambda/2 or Lambda/4.

Typical applications of zero order waveplates include laser systems where a waveplate is used to convert linearly polarized light into a circularly polarized beam. The resulting beam helps to provide a uniform cut quality in all directions.
Standard LASER COMPONENTS‘ zero order waveplates are produced using optical contact resulting in waveplates which are more resistant to shifts in polarization due to thermal expansion during use. We can also provide these waveplates as glued or air-spaced. Coated and uncoated options are available, as well as options to aluminium mount the waveplates. Entire custom solutions can also be provided based on the customer’s own designs.

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