JS15 Smart+ – 15mm Single Jet Cold Water Meter with WRAS Approval

JS15 Smart+ 15mm Cold Water Meter – Suitable for Gardens, Fish Ponds, Apartments, Caravan Sites and Chalets!


The JS Smart+ is a single jet domestic cold water meter of compact design and weighing less than 0.5kg. The JS Water Meter can be installed vertically or horizontally and has a 360° rotation dial which is frost and tamper proof.

The JS15 is ideal for domestic water monitoring, including for use with fish ponds. With our JS15 water meter you can rest assured that each meter has been through rigorous quality checks and is of solid construction.

JS Meters are hygienic meters, holding WRAS and MID approvals meaning the meter is suitable for potable drinking water too. This range was also recently updated with retrofittable pulse, meaning more flexibility for your application in the long run.

DMS supply this particular water meter to numerous construction companies around the UK for installations in high rise office blocks and apartments, with the JS being the meter of choice for many mechanical contractors due to its precise measurement and versatility.