Fan Angles up to 80 Degrees

With a wide range of beam splitting and beam shaping diff ractive optical elements (DOEs), Holo/OR works with companies that use structured light for LiDAR, 3D imaging, and projection applications. At fan angles of up to 80 degrees (at 850nm), the emitted light covers large areas.

The product range available at LASER COMPONENTS includes optics for wavelengths between 266nm and 2,200nm. Diff erent substrate materials are available. High-quality products made of fused-silica quartz glass are used for high-power applications with laser powers of several kilowatts.

For lower powers, the manufacturer also off ers low-cost plastic versions. In addition, the customer may choose from numerous diff erent beam shapes.

Special requirements such as particularly high beam homogeneity or additional AR coatings are taken into account during development and production.
Structured light is required above all for the three-dimensional detection and measurement of large polished or painted objects.