TLM Laser Business Levels Point To Continued Growth In 2019

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Laser processing technology, TLM Laser has a comprehensive portfolio of systems for welding, marking, engraving, cutting and 3D metal additive manufacturing. Such a broad product offering means that the company is always active across a diverse range of market sectors.

The first quarter of 2019 has seen unprecedented order levels for TLM Laser from a number of different industries, and as a measure to sustain growth for the remainder of the year, the company has re-vamped it’s showroom and demonstration facility.

(TLM’s new showroom and demonstration facility gives prospective customers  a valuable insight into laser processing technology)


The updated showroom and demonstration facility at TLM’s Bromsgrove site has laser systems from a variety of the company’s principles. This allows TLM to run trials on laser cutting, marking, engraving and welding applications on customer components, giving prospective purchasers a valuable insight into the capabilities of each system.

Working systems within the demonstration showroom include a FOBA Laser M Series Laser Marking System, a Universal Laser Systems PLS 4.75 flat bed CO2 laser processing system, capable of laser marking and cutting a variety of materials, and an example from the comprehensive Alpha Laser product range which is focused primarily on metal welding and hardening applications.


The Alpha system currently within the demonstration facility is a Laser Welding model, however TLM have plans to increase the diversity of models from the Alpha range in the near future. TLM Laser company director Andy Toms commented: “the first quarter of 2019 has delivered great results for TLM. The fact that we have such a diverse portfolio of laser processing technologies means that we are able to offer the optimum solution to the applications presented to us by our customers. Also, by having a range of these technologies available within our facility, we are able to demonstrate both the capabilities of the systems and our expertise in applying lasers as a manufacturing tool.”


(TLM’s new partnership with 4Jet adds a range of hand held laser cleaning systems to the company’s portfolio)


The range of systems available from TLM Laser continues to expand; with recent partnership agreements between TLM, USA based Universal Laser Systems, and German laser specialist 4Jet. Under the latter agreement, TLM has launched a new range of hand held laser cleaning systems within the UK. The JETLASER product line addresses a vast range of industrial laser cleaning operations. Potential applications include cleaning of moulds, tools and fixtures, paint and coating removal operations, and pre-treatment of surfaces prior to welding, glueing or coating applications.


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