Laser Barriers


Made of EverGuard®, a black anodised, light-diff using textured material, Bench-Guard™ laser protective barrier system panels provide a simple, low-profi le solution when a temporary or permanent beam stop is required. Designed for easy installation on surfaces such as optical tables or cutting beds the system is available in a range of standard or custom sized panels, which can be connected together for multiple geometries using an H-connector system, or custom sizes.


Table-Guard™ is based on Ever-Guard® laser barrier technology. Precision engineered beam blocking panels slide easily into table-mounted posts in this modular and extremely fl exible table system. The laser user can put a 30cm high wall or curb around an entire optical table or in other square and rectangular shapes as desired.
Both Bench-Guard™ and Table-Guard™ are designed to minimise outgassing and particulates if exposed to a direct laser beam, rated at 1200 watts/cm2 and conform to CE EN12254 & EN60825-4.