The robust and versatile HP- 40 ultra-high pressure control valve for liquids and gases is the latest addition to the established range of Badger Meter Control Valves available through liquids handling specialists PUMP ENGINEERING.

The HP-40 control valve is an ideal solution for high pressure applications such as automotive, fuel cell and research applications. In these situations it is the perfect valve for controlling high pressure liquids and gases such as hydrogen, supercritical CO2 and catalyst injection control in high pressure and ultra-high pressure reactors.

The valve features a tri-axially forged 316L stainless steel body, a solid Stellite inner valve assembly and standard packing material of Torlon® with PFA CV rings. It has a pressure rating of 40,000 psia (2758 bar) and can be used for both flow control as well as a Class lV shutoff valve.

Among the standard features are; a wide range of interchangeable trims, a choice of linear or quick opening trims, ANSI Class lll shutoff for sizes P-1 through P-9 and ANSI Class lV shutoff for sizes K through O and a 9/16 in. high pressure cone and collar fittings. Options include a Titanium Nitride coated Stellite inner valve and a stainless steel actuator and control hardware for explosion-proof requirements.


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