The Makerspace Putting the Arts into STEM

Birmingham City University is proud be putting the Arts into STEM with STEAMhouse.

STEAMhouse is more than a makerspace, it’s a new collaborative centre for business innovation and creation, located within Digbeth, Birmingham City Centre.

The vision is simple, STEAMhouse seeks to unite talented start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds within Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths – the STEAM disciplines – to bring amazing new ideas to life.

Innovation doesn’t always come easy for SMEs….

SMEs are the lifeblood of the UK economy and with the ability to make such a significant contribution, it’s important that they are supported to sustain growth and continue delivering new concepts to market. New and innovative business ideas are what get most entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-up businesses within the engineering and manufacturing sector out of bed in the morning.

Launching a new product or service to market is hard, especially within the manufacturing and engineering industries where equipment is expensive, especially for R&D stages.

No matter how big the ambition or great the idea, the reality for an SME within these sectors to bring a new product to market can be daunting, especially with limited funds and resources available to them. Access to the right facilities to design, build and stress test your concept can be a massive hurdle but if your new product idea can’t be properly tested or developed, where do you go from there?

STEAMhouse has been created for this very purpose. Members can access a range of exciting technology, such as the Ultimaker 3 (3D printer), Sublimation printer & Flatbed CNC router, to drive new product development, innovation and business growth. This could be huge for manufacturers and engineers looking to develop new products, without having a big initial outlay on purchasing equipment. Not only that, but you’ll access a hotbed of creativity and more importantly trusted advice, guidance and support from STEAMhouse technicians and specialists, alongside opportunities to access funding for prototyping, etc. Even better, STEAMhouse facilities and support are free to eligible SMEs.

A bright future for Birmingham and the surrounding areas

Entrepreneurs and small businesses within the Greater Birmingham and West Midlands regions have not had access to STEAM focussed collaborative makerspace facilities and advice before.

STEAMhouse will give the region’s entrepreneurs and SMEs the opportunity to harness their untapped potential and with the power of STEAM, take their business ideas to the next level.

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