New EFSD Electric Stopper from Festo delivers installation and energy savings in assembly and transfer system applications

Industrial automation specialist Festo has further extended the options available to machine builders, specifiers and OEMs with the addition of the EFSD Electric Stopper to its range of actuators. Ideal for use in assembly and transfer systems, the EFSD Electric Stopper delivers benefits including lower installation costs, faster commissioning, operational energy savings and noise reduction when compared to alternatives.

The EFSD Electric Stopper provides the option to install a single energy transfer or assembly system in many industrial applications, ranging from automotive sector suppliers and small parts assembly to packaging, warehousing and logistics. Opting for a purely electric automation solution reduces installation effort compared with pneumatic solutions as there are no valves, tubing and air preparation considerations to accommodate. This can be even more beneficial where there is no existing air system available, or it is problematic to introduce one.

Unlike alternatives, the new EFSD Electric Stopper features internal logic processing via digital I/O, which means there is no need for an external motor controller. This simplifies installation and makes the device easy to commission. Integrated sensors provide status feedback (i.e. whether the stop plate is extended or retracted).

An adjustable damping module makes the device both precise and reliable during operation. The EFSD can therefore provide flexible damping to correspond to the mass of the transferred item, which means that one size of module in a transfer line can cope with a variety of moving masses. As well as reducing the need for multiple stopper modules, the adjustable damper feature also reduces maintenance in comparison to using shock absorbers.

There are three models in the EFSD range, enabling specifiers to match the mass range depending on the speed of conveyor up to a maximum of 100kg. The EFSD is powered by a 24 V DC motor and has a maximum power consumption of 2A, which helps to keep energy consumption low. In addition, the energy supply can be achieved via a PLC connection, eliminating the need for a separate connector.

“Our customers are constantly seeking to deliver the best possible automation solutions for end users: not just in terms of capital investment, but also taking into consideration operational costs and maintenance requirements which directly affects productivity,” says Warren Harvard, Festo product manager. “At Festo, we’re committed to offering a comprehensive range of pneumatic and electric control options that can deliver benefits for both specifiers and end users. The addition of the EFSD to our portfolio further demonstrates our commitment as a one-stop shop for industrial automation solutions.”

The EFSD Electric Stopper is now available via Festo’s online shop and distribution network.

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