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As a ‘problem-solving’ connector manufacturer, ODU enjoys single-source status with over one hundred of the worlds top manufacturing companies. Why is that? Because, not only do they have expertise, but they work hard at being a flexible and innovative supplier. In the UK, ODU are probably best known for their miniature military push-pull connectors.  Notably, since 2002, ODU have supplied more than 100,000 helmet connectors for the Bowman military communications programme, without a single reported connector failure.

However, although ODU undoubtedly established it’s pedigree in the military market, it has not been slow to transfer technology and lessons-learned to connector solutions for other markets, such as medical equipment, instrumentation, factory automation & robotics etc

Now, ODU has expanded their ODU-MAC® industrial connector series, to include HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 modules, with a service life of over 5,000 mating cycles, guaranteeing the rapid, reliable and loss-free transmission of signals and data. “With a total of 30 different data technology variations, which include CAT 6 modules, our products excel in high-speed data rates” according to Managing Director Nick Harper. “We are making use of the synergy of our push-pull product family, and once again demonstrating transfer of technology proven in military applications to industrial markets”. The new modules, which are available as a ten-pin USB version and 16-pin HDMI version, meet the constantly growing requirements from the industrial sector. “The trend towards higher data rates will continue”, Nick states confidently “Therefore, we constantly enhance the ODU-MAC portfolio so that we can continue providing best-performance connectors for the future.”

ODU-MAC® – three major variants provide the ultimate pick’n’mix Whether power [inc high-voltage & high-current], data/signals, coax, high-speed data, fibre-optics and other media such as air and fluids – all can be incorporated.

ODU-MAC Silver-Line – the all-rounder for automatic docking – six docking-frame types, each in customizable lengths, with multiple modules including 30 high-speed data options. Some customers have reported no failures in the docking frame version of the ODU-MAC even after more than one million mating cycles.

ODU-MAC White-Line – for manual mating – same technical performance as the Silver-Line, in a multiple choice of metal & plastic housings, with snap-in, spindle or lever locking.

ODU-MAC Blue-Line – the tool-free clip-mounted version – ideal for on-site assembly, with loading and unloading of the crimp contacts possible even after assembly and faulty clipping-in of modules prevented through mechanical and visual coding.

More at: https://www.odu-uk.co.uk/products-solutions/modular-connectors/


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