Faced with a drive breakdown and loosing production?

Renting a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) is perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind for engineers in this situation, but it is the best way to guarantee your plant back up and running in the minimum time scale. In fact, VSD hire was largely unheard of until 2006 when Quantum Controls established their unique rental division. However, there are many compelling reasons why you should consider hiring VSD’s rather than making an outright purchase – and it can often be the best solution for you and your business.

Dramatically reduce your capital expenditure

Buying auxiliary equipment for breakdowns or short-term projects can put a significant strain on your budget, tying up critical capital – not forgetting the associated costs for maintenance, parts and service, storage and administration.

Hiring VSD’s dramatically reduces your capital expenditure, with fixed weekly rental payments approximately 1/30th of the cost of a new drive – including all servicing, maintenance and breakdown costs.

With Quantum able to deliver and install equipment for emergency, temporary bypass or semi-permanent application within hours, VSD rental also significantly reduces lead times and costly downtime, giving you the time to make the correct repair or replacement decisions.

Unique IP66 Weather Proof Enclosures

All of Quantum’s rental drives are the market leading ABB type, mounted into rental systems which are suitable for mounting and operating indoors or outdoors, in all weathers.

Try before you buy

Hiring equipment prior to purchase can also be a perfect way to trial and prove applications without any long term obligation. It also allows you to trial efficiency and energy saving capabilities, which makes high capital purchasing decisions wise ones.

Hire drive solves sewage leakage problem for Northumbrian Water

When Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) were having difficulties with the rising main that pumps sewage from Brown’s Point, at Cullercoats, North Tyneside to Howdon Sewage Treatment Works at the mouth of the Tyne, they turned to Quantum for help.

Martin Elliot, NWL Maintenance Manager for Tyneside, explained: “The old pipes were corroded and powerful pressure surges equivalent to 28-35 meters head, caused by the sudden stopping and starting of pumps, was putting them under extra strain. We needed to find a solution to prevent any further sewage leaks.”

Within a few days, working jointly with NWL engineers, Quantum had installed two 250kW ABB hire drives at the pumping station.

“The drives allowed us to ramp the speeds of the pumps up and down, avoiding the hydraulic shock loads that we suspected to be the cause of the problems to the pipes,” said Martin. “Installing the hire drives virtually eliminated the leaks and gave us time to implement a pipe removal programme with peace of mind.”

Temporary installations for Dwr Cymru

During an installation or plant refurbishment, keeping production running with temporary replacement equipment keeps lost production to an absolute minimum.

So, when Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) needed to upgrade a full Motor Control Cabinet and power supplies controlling its Mescoed pumping station, they called on Quantum to offer a way of maintaining water supplies to the surrounding area. Assessing the site, Quantum provided two 400kW hire drives with a generator to power the pumps while the new equipment was installed and commissioned.

First week FREE on all rentals

As the largest drive rental company in Europe, Quantum has over 1500 drives in its fleet, suitable for any application from basic pump and fan to the most demanding applications.

Don’t overlook the benefits of short term rental or long term lease, with your first week FREE on all rentals from Quantum Controls.

You can contact Quantum Controls’ rental division 24/7 day or night on their emergency support line: 0330 9000 247

Head Office: 01661 835 566

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.quantum-controls.co.uk

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