When precise, reliable flow control is required in challenging ultra-low temperature applications, such as cryogenic or other similar situations, Badger Meter control valves are an ideal choice. Available from liquids handling specialists PUMP ENGINEERING, the extensive Badger range includes models such as the Series 9000, an ANSI Class 300 globe style valve with bolted bonnet and post-guided inner valve. They are also available as specially configured options, for example Orion Control Valves which have extended bonnets for optimum protection against extreme temperatures.

These valves are available in 1”, 1½” and 2” pipe sizes with body, bonnet and inner-valve in 316 S/S as standard, or in Alloy C as an option. The standard valve body, configured as a flangeless / NPT version, enables installation using NPT fittings or can be clamped between matching companion flanges. They are also available with conventional flanges in either the same nominal size as the valve body, or oversized flanges can be adapted to smaller bodies.

Each valve is available with several inner-valve sizes, the largest having an integral seat for maximum Cv, while reduced Cv inner-valves will fit a threaded body with replaceable seat rings. The field-proven packing / bonnet design provides high performance in the most demanding environments along with quick, easy maintenance when required. Optional double packing in either PTFE or REK is available for fugitive emission control.

To meet the demands of the most extreme applications and environments, Badger Valves can be specified with a range of options. For example, Stellite inner-valves, Teflon PFA soft seating, graphite packing, double packing, extended bonnets up to 18” and bonnets fitted with cooling fins. Also, to meet specific application requirements a wide range of accessories are available including; positioners, i/P positioners, transducers, gauges, filter regulators, solenoids, limit switches and position transmitters are also available.

The high performance, multi-spring, diaphragm design 9050 actuator is field reversible from air-to-open to air-to-close without the need for additional components. The yoke and actuator housings are constructed from carbon steel and are coated with epoxy for corrosion resistance.

Badger Meter Series 9000 valves and their associated actuators are ideal for control of liquids and vapours across a wide range of industrial applications where the demands are for compact, yet rugged and highly reliable control valves.

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