Application flyers demonstrate capability: Drive Solutions for Rotary Feeders

Abingdon – UK – As part of a wide selection of application flyers that are available for download from the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS website, ‘Drive Solutions for Rotary Feeders’ is an overview of drive technology that can be cost-effectively applied to flow control tasks for bulk materials.  The two-page flyer describes how single-source intelligent frequency inverter and gearmotor drive solutions from NORD can be applied to precisely control dosing or discharging as well as clear inhomogeneous material blockages without relying upon an external PLC or other plant controls.

NORD SK200E series frequency inverters include an onboard PLC that can be programmed with an overload reversing function activated through a combination of speed monitoring inductive sensors on the gearbox input shaft and a torque-limiting clutch between the motor and gear unit. An extensive choice of integrated fieldbus systems, including EtherCAT, POWERLINK and Profibus, can report to higher level plant controls. Furthermore, as the SK200E frequency inverter is a motor-mounted decentralized solution with plug and play power and bus system connectors, simplified machine wiring and zero signal interference is assured.

Drive Solutions for Rotary Feeders is part of a series of application flyers available as PDF downloads from the NORD website – or on request as printed versions. Other applications areas explored include conveyors and bucket elevators, bottling plant technology, beverage industry, grain industry, and more.

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