Precision foot control for hand-held optical instrument: Herga’s USB footswitch provides fine control for epiCam retinal camera

Bury St. Edmunds – UK – September 2016: Epipole Ltd, based in Scotland, is an ethical designer and innovator of medical optical equipment that is focussed on the affordable eradication of preventable blindness. Its hand-held epiCam digital retinal fundus camera provides a low-cost solution to examine, record & store images of the internal structure of the eye – particularly for patients with diabetes where the early detection and treatment of a condition known as diabetic retinopathy can prevent the onset of blindness and other vision complications. As a low-cost instrument the epiCam is particularly attractive for countries which cannot afford the considerably more expensive desk-top systems produced by traditional manufacturers. The instrument not only facilitates high quality diabetic retinopathy screening for all budgets but its video functionality and wide dioptric range also allow examination for other ophthalmic conditions too.

The Windows PC/laptop or Android controlled epiCam can resolve detail to under ten microns and produces high definition digital images or real-time video at a frame rate of 15 fps. This requires a steady hand during operation and Epipole Ltd offers a USB footswitch from Herga Technology to allow users optimal hands–free capture. The plug and play footswitch complements the high quality build and aesthetics of the hand held epiCam and essentially emulates pre-programmed keyboard or mouse functions.

herga_epicam_6226_pr1The model selected for the job is part of the 6226 series low-profile rear-hinged footswitches that are designed to meet the needs of medical, industrial and office equipment. As well as USB switching, single or double pole electrical switching and Bluetooth® versions are available. For demanding medical applications, options include UL and IEC 60601-1 approvals and IPX7 or IPX8 protection. The 6226 series is available in a wide choice of attractive colours and may be customised with customer logos, alternative cable lengths, cord sets, and guard options.

The 6226 is part of a wide range of footswitches, hand controls and switching solutions available from Herga Technology. For complete details, please visit Herga at

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