Elfab launches its unique Extruder Rupture Disc line specifically designed for overpressure protection of plastic extrusion processes

Pressure relief specialist, Elfab has launched its very own extruder rupture disc range, primarily designed for over pressure protection of plastic extrusion processes.
ERDThis pressure relief device not only provides protection for extrusion lines, it is also one of Elfab’s widest range of pressure relief products, combining various dimensions, thread types and body configurations to best suit the unique requirements of its customers application. Expanding Elfab’s industry leading Electron Beam Welded OE5 range to further provideadvanced process management and leakage control. OE5 combines a scored rupture disc that is welded directly onto the end of a plug assembly.


Each of Elfab’s Extruder Rupture Disc (ERD) consists of a threaded body with a conventional rupture disc electron beam welded to the end. As each ERD application is different, Elfab manufacture all products in-house using its proficient electron beam welding appliance, available with the highest burst pressure capacity that Elfab can offer.


Elfab’s range of ERD’s provide excellent leak tightness, industry best lead times and offer a cost-effective maintenance free design. Each rupture disc can be manufactured as a custom engineered designed to meet industry specifications.


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