Kappa optronics Uses THine’s V-by-One® HS Chipset for their Rearview OneBox® Automotive Camera Monitoring Solutions

[Santa Clara, CA, February 27, 2024] THine Solutions, Inc. (THine) today announced that Kappa optronics GmbH (Kappa), a world market leader in highly integrated vision systems in safety-critical aviation and defense applications as well as mirror replacement systems for the automotive sector, has selected THine’s V-by-One® HS Chipset for their digital mirror solution/system Rearview OneBox®.

Kappa’s Rearview OneBox® solves many critical problems of conventional side/interior mirrors such as unclear vision due to weather conditions (e.g., rain, snow, fog), blind spots, design constraints, and aerodynamical fuel and/or battery inefficiency.

Kappa’s products are already used in many high-performance exotic cars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the Gordon Murray T.50 and the KTM X-Bow GT-XR. Even Formular 1 world-champion Jenson Button is relying on Kappa’s technology in his Radford Type 62-2.

THine’s V-by-One® HS Chipset uses a market proven high-speed video transmission technology with millions of pieces shipped.  To enable the comprehensive integration of THine’s technology, THine provided Kappa with Kit Solutions and intensive support.  THine’s V-by-One® HS video transmission technology allowed the camera to be physically located far away from the camera monitoring processing unit which is required for Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS).

“To achieve leading edge requirements of our customers as well as critical industry standards in rugged and certifiable designs, our vision system platforms are very sophisticated and advanced,” said Fabian Claus, Business Manager, Vision Solutions at Kappa. “Because of THine’s technical expert team’s intense support we felt confident that we would achieve our project goal with using THine’s parts and kits.”

“It has been an exciting experience supporting Kappa with our ICs and Kits being part of their outstanding solution platforms,” said Tak Iizuka, Chief Solution Architect of THine Solutions, Inc. “In the near future, we are sure there will be many more car manufacturers leveraging Kappa’s platform to differentiate and make their users’ driving experience safer and more comfortable.”

THine image processing and data transmission technologies enable automotive manufacturers to design solutions that require reliable, long distance and high-speed data connections

Key Features of Kappa’s Rearview OneBox® a new generation of digital mirrors

  • Best-in-Class Image Quality
  • Enhanced Field of View Eliminating Blind Spots
  • Optimum Situational Awareness Under All Weather and Light Conditions
  • Design Flexibility Allowing Pure Aesthetics
  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions
  • Improved Euro NCAP Rating

For more information, visit https://www.kappa-optronics.com/en/automotive/adas-cms-for-passenger-cars-supercars-light-commercial-vehicles/

About Kappa

Kappa specializes in cameras and vision Systems for anything that drives or flies. Kappa has over 40 years of experience with application-specific cameras and vision systems in rugged and certifiable design – in small and mid-sized series. Kappa offers innovative vision solutions for day and night operations, ensuring maximum performance of higher-level systems. Kappa’s solutions are especially suitable for safety-critical applications. Kappa provides on-site consulting, dynamic project management, and a highly experienced development team. Special signal processing, mechanical modifications and customer-specific interface configuration are all part of the Kappa concept, as are integration of optical components, illumination and video management. Kappa is the leader in technology. Moreover, Kappa meets all safety requirements on design assurance procedures in hardware and software development, qualification and certification (up to SIL 2/ASIL-B/ DAL-B, ISO 26262, DO-254, DO-160, DO-178, MIL STD 810/704, Nato-Supplier Code C4792).

About THine: THine Solutions, Inc. (TSI), headquartered in Santa Clara, CA is a subsidiary of THine Electronics, Inc. (TYO: 6769), a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. TSI is responsible for worldwide sales and marketing of our THS Series Kit Solutions including THEIA-CAM™ Family, as well as for sales and marketing of THine IC products in the Americas, EMEA, and India territories. | Our products target embedded camera systems that require smart image processing and high-speed data transmission. Our combination of ICs, Solution reference designs, design tools, and design support provides a unique value to small, medium, and large customers. |

We offer Image Signal Processor (ISP) ICs and reference designs to use these ICs in our THEIA-CAM™ camera solutions. Our THEIA-CAM™ supports various Operating Systems including Windows®, macOS®, Android™, and Linux®, and various platforms including Raspberry Pi, Jetson, i.MX 8M families, and MediaTek Genio platform. We also have Camera Development Tools to support customizing ISP firmware development. | Our SerDes ICs support various interfaces including our own proprietary V-by-One® HS high-speed transmission protocol that is the de facto standard driving television displays, LVDS (Open LDI), MIPI CSI-2, and Parallel (LVCMOS). | End product markets we serve include medical scopes, AR/VR systems, barcode scanners, vision assistive glasses, multifunction printers, drones, surveillance cameras, biometric devices, body cams, USB webcams, surgical microscopes, high-resolution displays, and automotive infotainment systems. | TSI supports fulfilment directly and through our distribution partners including Arrow Asia, Avnet, and Digi-Key. Website: https://www.thinesolutions.com/.

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