Understanding Machine Tool Calibration Systems


As a machine tool user or builder you need control and peace of mind, knowing that your machine is continuously performing within required tolerances.



Innovative machine tools need state-of-the-art ultraprecise measuring equipment.

IBS’s machine tool qualification systems qualify and improve the geometrical and dynamic accuracy performance of linear axis, rotary axis and spindles.


Methods of machine qualification

Our measuring system based on sensor technology is the only tool that can perform a 3D dynamic measurement in conformity with the ISO standard in just a minute. In contrast, alternative measuring methods such as touch probes are static and therefore unable to measure dynamic errors. Additionally, these alternatives are limited to 1-dimensional measurements, making them blind to squareness errors. Moreover, these alternative methods require significantly
more time to complete a machine qualification.

State-of-the-art method

  • IBS’s machine tool qualification systems offer several advantages over laser interferometers:
  • Easy set-up and operation, both by the machine operator. The system can be installed directly on the machine tool without the need for complex alignment or calibration
  • Rapid measurements, measurements are done in real-time in minutes, which speed up the machine qualification process immensely
  • Wide measurement range, including linear and rotary motion, with quality report, status and trend data.

More benefits of IBS’s machine qualification systems

  • Quick periodic accuracy checks give confidence that the machine (and the product) is within tolerances
  • Less downtime after maintenance, shift or crash. You can quickly resume production.
  • Less need to check your products on a CMM. You have more control over your production process on-site.
  • The measuring report indicates the parameters for
    improving pivot line offsets and squareness errors, giving you the option to optimize the accuracy of the machine.










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