CP Automation expands range of active harmonic filters

New REVCON RHF-Active filters added to both ends of existing

To help businesses better mitigate power harmonics in variable frequency drives (VFDs), power quality specialist CP Automation has expanded its range of REVCON RHF-Active harmonic filters. The units use pioneering silicon carbide (SiC) technology to offer significant benefits compared with traditional components using insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT). The filters are now available at both higher and lower power ratings than before.


In addition to the existing 15A, 35A and 55A units, CP Automation can now supply RHF-Active filters rated to 3.5A, 100A and 150A. The filters provide harmonic mitigation from the 2nd to the 61st orders, as well as power factor correction and imbalance compensation. A typical switching frequency of 50kHz increases efficiency and eliminates high harmonics, while a compact footprint facilitates retrofitting. Like the existing range, the units are modular so can be scaled to meet higher demands.

“This is a complete shift in technology usage,” said John Mitchell, global sales & marketing director at CP Automation. “By developing SiC technology, REVCON is pushing the boundaries of the traditional limitations of the hardware and making significant savings in energy efficiency and space.”

Revcon LHS-Active Filter

Expanding the range of filters provides benefits to facilities in several different ways. First, organisations that are currently using several smaller units throughout a facility can streamline their operations by switching to a single, large unit within a centralised system.

For example, a single 150A unit could allow consolidation of site-wide mitigation to one room. In addition, the modularity of the filters means that by combining two or more of these larger units, much greater demands can be met — up to 450A per cabinet, or more, if multiple cabinets are combined.

Second, by facilitating mitigation at the device receiving power, the smaller units can help organisations that need decentralised harmonic mitigation — facilities which lack the space for a larger, centralised system, for instance. Let’s use the example of a commercial bakery: each individual mixer machine could have its own 3.5A filter, creating self-contained units without the need for a centralised mitigation system.

The compactness of the smaller filters could benefit original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) aiming to create low-harmonic equipment. Built-in filters can provide protection without significantly impacting footprint.

A further benefit of the filters is that they are self-commissioning in most applications. Rather than requiring an engineer to regularly visit the site, assess the power network and adjust harmonic mitigation accordingly, REVCON’s RHF Active filters have inbuilt intelligence that monitors the power and allows live autocorrection should the power profile change.

Power profiles can shift for a range of reasons, for example, variations in load characteristics, but an automated, self-commissioning system immediately adapts to ensure consistent protection.


Finally, REVCON’s harmonic mitigation solutions can help businesses conform to regulations and standards, such as G5-5 recommendations on harmonic disturbance, EN 50160 or IEEE 519.


To watch a video providing more information on the drives, or to contact CP Automation, visit www.cpaltd.net.


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