From Concept to Success: The IBAR’s Journey with Plasticom

Innovation and perseverance are often at the heart of success stories, and the journey of IBAR Fitness is no exception.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness and physiotherapy, a unique concept emerged in the form of the IBAR – a revolutionary exercise device designed to strengthen the wrist and forearm. What truly set this success story apart was the collaboration with Plasticom, a manufacturing partner that transformed a vision into reality with their expertise and dedication.

The story began in early 2023 when IBAR Fitness founders met  Sonia and Edwin,  to create an exercise tool that combined functionality, innovation, and quality. Armed with a design that held promise, the challenge lay in translating that design into a tangible product that met the rigorous standards of both strength training and physiotherapy.

Upon connecting with Sonia and Edwin at Plasticom.  Plasticom became an instrumental partner in turning this vision into a reality. The first step was understanding the complexities involved in constructing the necessary tooling for the IBAR. Transparent and collaborative communication laid the foundation for what was to become a partnership characterized by progress and innovation.

Regular meetings between the two teams became a forum for brainstorming, ideation, and refinement. These discussions extended beyond tooling and manufacturing processes; Jeff Baker , founder of the IBAR.  found in Plasticom’s team not just manufacturers, but problem-solvers and strategic thinkers. Potential obstacles were addressed proactively, and optimal manufacturing methods were identified to ensure the final product met all criteria and expectations.

The fruits of this collaboration soon began to materialize. In a matter of weeks, the initial prototypes were ready for trials. As the IBAR took shape, these prototypes evolved into fully functional, market-ready products. The journey from concept to realization had been remarkably swift, a testament to the efficiency and efficacy of the partnership between IBAR Fitness and Plasticom.

With final prototypes in hand,  Jeff Baker  is  now ready to embark on the next phase: bulk manufacturing. What was once a vision had transformed into a tangible reality, and the stage was set for the IBAR to reach its intended audience. As the product made its way into commercial gyms, physiotherapy departments, and even individual households, it garnered rave reviews and satisfied users.

Less than six months after their initial contact with Plasticom, IBAR Fitness had achieved what many startups aspire to: a fully functional product line with a growing user base. The IBAR, available for purchase through the official website, had seamlessly integrated into the fitness and wellness market, creating waves of enthusiasm among users seeking a superior exercise solution.

IBAR Fitness’s journey with Plasticom was a textbook example of a collaborative success story. As the demand for the IBAR grew, Plasticom’s ability to handle bulk manufacturing with precision and efficiency came to the fore. Their commitment to quality and the seamless production of the IBAR ensured that the product was not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations.

Looking to the future, the collaboration between IBAR Fitness and Plasticom remains strong. The partnership is poised to continue supplying the market with the innovative IBAR device, accommodating the ever-increasing demand and reshaping the way fitness and physiotherapy are approached.

For anyone seeking a beacon of inspiration in the realms of innovation and manufacturing, the story of IBAR Fitness and Plasticom is a shining example. It demonstrates the power of collaboration, the potential of a well-executed vision, and the heights that can be reached when dedication meets expertise. As the journey continues, the IBAR’s legacy serves as a reminder that with the right partners, any concept can evolve into a resounding success.


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