RescueMeSOS’ Founder Lawrence Rabin’s Journey To Create an Impactful SOS Signal

Kirkland, Quebec (Canada) – Lawrence Rabin, an inventor from Canada, has embarked on a mission to save lives through his innovative company, RescueMeSOS. Motivated by his personal experience of nearly losing his life in 1986, Mr. Rabin believes that saving even one life can have a profound impact on the world: “Saving one life is always worth it and who knows, maybe the life we can save can go on to find ways to cure diseases. Ultimately, this is the sort of outcome we are aiming for”

RescueMeSOS offers an Android app and a portable unit that is currently available for purchase. Lawrence Rabin is determined to expand awareness of his tested life-saving product. The

Lawrence Rabin

origins of RescueMeSOS trace back to 1978 when Mr. Rabin was working on a surveying team in Southeast Alaska near the border with British Columbia.

It was during this time in the remote wilderness that he conceived the idea of a bright flashing device that could be seen from afar to aid his work. Years later, a life-altering event occurred when Lawrence Rabin’s heart stopped due to electrolyte imbalance. Fortunately, he was revived through CPR and had a transformative experience. This incident further fueled his determination to make a lasting difference in the world and save others. Combining his original idea from Alaska with his newfound purpose, RescueMeSOS was born.


Over the years and with the help of many individuals, Lawrence Rabin worked diligently on creating a flashing SOS beacon. The product underwent rigorous testing from weight stress tests of up to 4,000lbs, extreme heat and cold tests, as well as being tested underwater for two years to ensure the highest product quality available. The result is the RescueMeSOS portable visual distress SOS signal, which can be seen from an impressive distance of 12.8km (8 miles) under ideal conditions.


The compact size allows for convenient storage in a car’s glove box, on a boat, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, aircraft, or any other motorized vehicle, ready to be used in times of emergency. The flashing signal is made from powerful LED lights and is enclosed in an all-weather case that has been developed and tested to ensure it always works to draw attention to a person’s location when in distress.


Operating the RescueMeSOS unit is simple. It can be easily plugged into a lighter outlet or a 12V power outlet, and attached to the outside of a vehicle using a powerful magnet on the bottom and sides of the product. Even if a car battery is almost dead, the unit will still function. For vehicles without a lighter outlet, a 4.8 meter (16 foot) 12V extension cable can be used to connect the unit to the vehicle’s battery.


“There’s so much craziness out there, distress, and natural disasters. People need something where they could say ‘this thing here might save my life, I will take it with me’‘” explains Lawrence Rabin. The portable unit and Android app are essential for everyday use and provide extra safety equipment for outdoor enthusiasts in case of a disaster. RescueMeSOS aims to assist anyone who finds themselves in a situation similar to Mr. Rabin’s, and the inventor is confident that his product can make a difference.


To learn more about RescueMeSOS and to purchase your own unit, visit The RescueMeSOS app is also available for download on the Google Play store.


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