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The Borealis™ from Uniqsis brings flow photochemistry within the budget of almost any laboratory. The Borealis™ sets a new benchmark for safe high yield photochemical flow synthesis.

Equipped with a safety interlock, to prevent accidental exposure to high intensity light, the LED lamps (available in a range of fixed wavelengths – 370, 410, 440, 460 and 520nm), are powered by a programable power supply that automatically detects the wavelength of the Borealis™ LED module and adjusts the output characteristics accordingly. A temperature sensor and safety cut-out are fitted to protect the LEDs from overheating. An Inert gas purge input is provided for low temperature use.

To set up the Borealis™ flow photoreactor – a coil reactor is inserted inside a Cold Coil™ reactor module and clamped in place using the external adjuster. The Borealis™ LED lamp unit is then inserted into the coil reactor and connected to the programmable power supply

The coil reactor temperature is controlled by connecting the Cold Coil to either a cold-water supply (for reactions close to room temperature), or preferably to a high precision thermoregulation system.

For further information on the Borealis™ Flow Photoreactor please visit or contact Uniqsis on +44-845-864-7747/ [email protected].

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