MiniPID 2 nominated for Sensor Product of the Year #nomination #sensors #industrynews #engineering

ION Science is delighted to announce that its world-leading MiniPID 2 sensor has been nominated in the sensor category of the 2023 Instrumentation Excellence Awards, and voting is now open to anyone at

“We are thrilled to be nominated,” explains ION Science Group Managing Director, Duncan Johns. “Not only does this demonstrate our leading global position as a sensor manufacturer, but it also highlights our focus on research and development, as we seek to continuously improve sensor performance. I therefore hope that as many people as possible will vote for the MiniPID 2 in recognition of the outstanding work conducted by our sensor development team.”

PID (photo ionisation detection) sensors can detect hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as fuels, petrochemicals, solvents, paints, adhesives, cleaners etc. VOCs can be harmful to both health and the environment, so PID sensors perform a vital role in the protection of lives, facilities and the environment.

ION Science is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of PID sensors, and the award nomination for the MiniPID 2 reflects the unique levels of performance that the sensor delivers. These include: a patented design to nullify potential humidity interference; a fast response; the highest levels of sensitivity; market-leading reliability, and the widest choice of PID lamps to optimise sensors for different applications.

Voting closes on 11th August… but ION Science always targets the fastest response time.

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