New Mantis Pixo, Ergo and Iota – Designed to improve your inspection and rework processes #engineering #processes #rework #inspection

The launch of the new Mantis, from Vision Engineering, represents a step change to this innovative, no eyepiece, inspection microscope. The instrument, already trusted by thousands of customers, delivers excellent high-quality instruments for a wide range of applications in an easy-to-use  ergonomic package. Producing a superb large image with no eyepieces, superior ergonomics for fatigue-free viewing and an integrated digital camera it is the ideal solution for industrial inspection & rework for these 5 reasons.


With a magnification range of 3x to 15x, superior image quality and long working distance, Mantis is the perfect stereo inspection tool for a wide-range of applications. Choose between Mantis PIXO, ERGO or IOTA, together with a range of stands and lighting options to design the perfect inspection system for you!


The unique large image allows operators to see every detail of their subject, allowing them to assess samples quickly, increasing efficiency and throughput. Mantis PIXO and ERGO come with a triple objective turret, making magnification changes quick and easy.


With 5 illumination options you maximise your control of shadows for a perfect view of your sample, ensuring faults are easily identified and re-work is straightforward.


The designed-in ergonomics of Mantis provide a more comfortable working position, maximises eye comfort and improves hand-eye coordination meaning operators are able to work for longer periods. 


Mantis PIXO comes with an integrated 5MP digital camera offering the ability to capture, review and share high quality images. In addition, ViCapture software allows users to use overlays or add annotations for reporting and traceablility purposes.

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