Anker Schroeder Launches Heavy Lifting Shackles #Automation #HeavyLifting #Shackles

Dortmund, Germany-based Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH (ASDO) has launched new heavy lifting shackles, from 85t to 1,500t capacity, in heavy duty (HD), heavy super (HS), and heavy polar (HP) ranges.

Large shackles have been manufactured by ASDO for 60 years, but this is the first series to feature the ASDO brand embossed on the bow. Corporate colours, orange and blue, will be used for the pin and a single colour for the crown of shackles to differentiate the three types: HD, standard; HS, orange; and HP, blue. It is a branding strategy designed to engage buyers at the point of use.

Ralf Römermann, director, said: “When we take the heated steel out of the furnace it glows orange, and the blue is the colour of our overalls and representative of our engineering heritage since conception in 1920. We produce high-quality shackles, starting from sourcing the best quality material through the zero-waste forging process, finishing with the extensive inspection and testing scope of the end product.”

The launch has been welcomed by end users from crane, subsea, manufacturing, and load cell companies, in addition to EPCI contractors in the offshore sector.

The shackles will frequently combine with load monitoring technologies and below-the-hook equipment in onshore and offshore windfarm applications. Deliveries are already bound for major markets in North and Latin America as well as the Asia Pacific region.

Daniel Schroeder, managing director, said: “Historically, we have rarely sold directly to the market, but to exclusive customers from stock; we often manufacture to project-specific requirements, such as anchorage for harbour construction. ASDO has both the high manufacturing capacity and the processes to cope with anticipated high demand from the offshore wind energy sector, even to short lead times, in an industry that can endure supply chain bottlenecks. To that end, we adhere to principles preserved in a century of history in heavy forging that spans four generations of what we call here in Germany, a ‘Mittelstand’ business [synonymous with stability and endurance despite economic and market change].” 

An 800t capacity Heavy Duty (HD) shackle.

DNV Type approval

The safety factor of ASDO shackles is fully assessed by in-house finite element analysis (FEA) and confirmed by physical testing during DNV Type approval (DNV-ST-0377 and DNV-ST-0378) processes. The company’s shackles generally comply with or exceed design and testing requirements of all guidance, including ASME B30.26-1 and Federal Specification RR-C-271. They are also marked with hard stamped batch code and serial identification, as well as hot embossed markings, including working load limit (WLL), steel grade, and CE mark.

Dr. Nina Sverdlova, research and development, said: “DNV is one of the most broadly referenced classification societies in our target markets. For lifting appliances, they set minimum requirements for design and fabrication, including traceability of materials, inspection, and testing practices. However, in several areas [ASDO] shackles exceed DNV requirements.”

Dr. Sverdlova explained that DNV-ST-0377 provides specifications for lifting appliances on board of a ship, for load handling within the vessel offshore or onshore. DNV-ST-0378, meanwhile, applies to equipment for load handling, also outside of the vessel / offshore unit, such as in installation operations, including wind turbine projects at open sea. Importantly, she added, DNV documentation provides guidance so that a user understands how to correctly apply, maintain, and inspect equipment.

ASDO orange and blue pin shackles are supplied with a split pin to prevent the nut turning beyond the safety point. The anti-rotation system on all supplied shackles allows for easier handling and better performance. As the range focuses on large-sized shackles, it provides eyebolts that are user-friendly in terms of handling the pin. For highly dynamic environments, shackles with a locked nut system are available, which secure the nut from rotation. The anti-rotation pin for all sizes can be especially useful for load cell providers.

‘When we take the heated steel out of the furnace it glows orange’ – Ralf Römermann, director, Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH.

Offshore welcome

The launch is supported by publication of a new brochure, which was taken to the Offshore Technology Conference that took place 1-4 May at the NRG Park in Houston, Texas. Dr. Sverdlova, who visited in-person with André Carrion, who oversees Latin America, said: “We wanted the brochure and website to be first and foremost technical reference documents. The feedback is that the market really needs a new, high-end player both in lifting and mooring. We met many long-term customers that have known of us for many years and appreciate that we are now able to offer our made-in-Germany shackles directly on the market. We have also been asked to quote for non-standard shackles.”

On request, ASDO can bend shackles up to a 330mm bow diameter. It does not plan to produce smaller shackles (less than 85t WLL) as standard.

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