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At the forefront of flow reactor design, FlowSyn™ from Uniqsis sets the standard for automated optimisation of heterogeneous catalysis reactions.

The use of solid supported reagents, catalysts and scavengers in flow reactor systems offers significant benefits over conventional batch heterogeneous catalysis techniques. Their use often avoids the need for downstream product purification and leads to enhanced reaction rates and higher overall efficiency due to the large excess of catalyst.

Continuous flow catalytic reactions using FlowSyn™ reactors have shown considerable time savings, high reproducibility, and selectivity along with remarkable improvements in catalyst stability compared to reactions conducted in a batch reactor.

FlowSyn™ is a compact integrated continuous flow reactor designed for easy, safe, and efficient operation. Built from the highest quality components that offer outstanding chemical compatibility and reliability, FlowSyn reactors provide accurate, uniform temperature control up to +260°C. This in combination with performing reactions routinely at pressures up to 1400 psi making them a perfect tool for developing and testing novel catalysts.

Integrated software on FlowSyn™ provides control of the system via an easy-to-use step-through interface Catalysis reactions can be run manually or programmed to automatically operate unattended after which the flow path and column is automatically flushed with clean solvent ready for the next experiment.

For further information on optimising heterogeneous catalysis reactions using a FlowSyn™  continuous flow reactor visit www.uniqsis.com/paFlowSystem.aspx or contact Uniqsis on +44-845-864-7747/ [email protected].

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