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28-page catalogue of the most popular IIoT Systems and Devices for a wide range of applications and industries

Advantech, a global leader in Industrial IoT, has published a new 28-page product guide highlighting their market leading IIoT Systems and Devices. The brochure contains everything customers need to know to stay ahead of the curve with IIoT deployment, from IIoT hardware to innovative software encompassing:

  • Vertical Market Solutions
  • Edge Computing
  • Edge AI Technology
  • Automation Control
  • Intelligent Connectivity
  • Edge Data Acquisition
  • Wireless Sensing and Fleet Networking

Advantech’s innovative IIoT Edge to Cloud Technologies include EtherCAT Control and I/O Systems, Advanced Computer Vision devices, Serial / USB Communications, Wireless I/O and Sensors, IIoT Gateways and RTUs, Connectivity and TSN as well as DAQ and Remote I/O and Domain Platforms suitable for Oil and Gas, Railway and Utility and Energy applications.

Customers also have access to advanced software solutions from Advantech such as:

  • WebAccess/SCADA – IIoT application software.
  • WISE-EdgeLink – powerful edge-to-cloud middleware for intelligent gateway solutions.
  • WISE-DataConnect – IIoT device, platform, application and data management software.

The new catalogue illustrates how Advantech are leading the way with investment in key market areas including:

  • Intelligent Factory Solutions to improve energy sustainability, equipment effectiveness and operation optimisation.
  • Energy and Environment Solutions accelerating Cloud-Enabled IIoT and Smart Cities.
  • Utility and Energy power Conversion Solutions for maximum energy transition.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems for modern infrastructures.
  • Intelligent Systems and Platform Infrastructure for the IIoT.
  • Embedded Automation Computers providing seamless connection and transmission for Edge IoT applications.
  • Intelligent HMI and Industrial Monitors offering leading HMI Innovations for Smart Factories.
  • Industrial Tablet Solutions supporting on-site management, manufacturing and patrol inspection.
  • Edge AI Platforms and Industrial Servers delivering industrial AI Platforms at The Edge.
  • Edge DAQ Devices, boosters for equipment manufacturers, rental services, and end users.
  • EtherCAT Control and I/O Solutions offering integrated CODESYS solutions for real-time machine control and data acquisition.
  • Industrial Communication providing seamless data connectivity from the network edge to the core.
  • Data Acquisition and Control in diverse form factors to satisfy DAQ requirements.
  • Serial and USB Communication Solutions improving legacy serial devices with IIoT.
  • IoT-ready Remote I/O and Intelligent I/O Gateways providing transformation for the IIoT’s wider and larger applications.
  • Wireless I/O and Sensors Industrial Wireless I/O and Sensor Modules for machine condition monitoring and cloud integration.
  • Wireless Fleet and Industrial Networking for remote device management and data collection.

The new Industrial IoT Star Product Catalogue from Advantech is available to download at

For a printed copy or more information regarding Advantech products, please contact your local sales support team, visit Advantech, at or visit our website

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