Torque-limiting fitting provides perfect tubing assembly connection #Automation #PEEK #Nut

Biotech Fluidics announce Intuitive™ PEEK Nut – a unique patented finger tight fitting designed for low pressure tubing assemblies.

Benefiting from a torque limiting design feature – Intuitive™ fittings provide a haptic “click” feedback when they reach the optimum torque, assuring a perfect connection every time. This unique, patented feature ensures the high reproducibility and reliability of your connections and eliminates the risk of over- or under tightening.

This versatile universal fitting is used with 1/16” and 1/8” OD tubing and works with flanged, flangeless, and super flangeless connection systems. With the ability to click adjust up to 80 times – Intuitive™ fittings provide you with a truly flexible solution to ensure instrument’s fluidic connections.

Anders Grahn, Chairman of Biotech Fluidics commented “The transit of fluids is often a critical design feature within laboratory instrumentation that is often compromised at connection sites resulting in increased operational costs and complexity”. He added “The torque limiting design feature of our Intuitive™ fittings ensures a robust and reliable connection when installing tubing assemblies for instrument assembly, as well as for field service operations”.

To learn more about the Intuitive™ PEEK Nut finger tight fittings please visit or contact Biotech Fluidics on + 46 300 56 91 80 / +1-612-703-5718 / [email protected].

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