Secondary schools up and down the country engaged in virtual STEM days hosted by industry experts.

During 2022 PPMA BEST Co-Ordinator Matt Fox delivered 24 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) days up and down the UK, with even more schools booked this year.

The PPMA BEST STEM days are designed to engage secondary school pupils in years seven to nine, to help them experience STEM subjects before they choose their GCSE subjects. Within the sessions, pupils enjoyed various activities such as designing and building an eco-factory roller loader; as well as showcasing their new product ideas. The project reached over 4070 pupils nationwide, of which over half were female, demonstrating that there is no gender barrier to starting a career in technology and engineering. 

Students also had the  opportunity to listen to industry leaders talk about their careers promoting the various positions, and roles available in the manufacturing sector.

Science teacher and STEM Coordinator, Abdul Hamza said, The delivery was exceptional, well timed and engaging. The pupils appreciated the activities and were stimulated throughout. Matt was outstanding when it came to the delivery and the pupils appreciated him. Overall, the pupils loved the STEM Day and came out of it feeling inspired. We cannot wait for next year to do this again with another Year group.”

PPMA Business Education Skills and Training (PPMA BEST) was established in 2014. Since then it has assisted apprentices access vital funds to help them progress in their engineering career, whether it be to help them to buy tools, or pay living costs as they completed their studies.

To find out more about PPMA BEST and future STEM day opportunities visit ppma.co.uk/ppma-best

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