Kardex Reveals Warehouse Trends for 2023 #Automation #2023 #Trends

As the intralogistics market continues to adapt to the world and economic conditions, the Kardex Trend Radar shows emerging trends for 2023.

The Kardex Trend Radar monitors trends to ensure Kardex and its customers stay at the forefront of innovation. Based on in-house resources, industry expertise, as well as global data, Kardex presents its warehouse insights report for 2023. The report discusses the latest intralogistics trends, illustrates the importance of utilizing new technology such as robotics and predictive analytics, and focuses on which modern tools will ensure warehouses stay efficient and productive in 2023 and beyond.

Companies globally are looking at ways of maximising their in-house resources, and experts expect global warehouse automation sales will reach an estimated 39 billion euros by 2027 at a compounded annual growth rate of approximately 15%. (1)

Kardex uses sophisticated technologies to globally monitor over 2,700 machines through its Kardex Connect software system. Industry leaders expect the adoption rate of predictive and prescriptive analytics for supply chain innovations and technologies will jump from 28% to 79% in the next five years.(2)

“As unprecedented obstacles interrupt warehouse processes, Kardex closely monitors warehouse challenges and technology trends and adapts solutions to ensure customers’ facilities remain state-of-the-art,” said Ruud Hoog, Senior Director Business Development.

Warehouse managers can utilise the Kardex Warehouse Insights report to understand intralogistics trends and discover tangible warehouse tools that ensure a cutting-edge facility and prepare for future operations.

To view the report: Trends Shaping Intralogistics in 2023 click here.


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