Discover LEMO’s new HY vacuumtight model with extended temperature range @LEMOConnectors #Automation #Vaccumtight #Mseries

LEMO is expanding its field-proven M series with a new vacuumtight model, named HY, and available in all sizes and low voltage configurations. This new fixed socket model has been specifically designed for all applications requiring vacuumtight integrations in harsh environments.

Thanks to an innovative potting material the new HY model is enabling vacuumtight sealing with ultra low
leak rates over a broad temperature range.

It also integrates optimized PCB tails enabling easier PCB routings even on high density configurations. The mass connection also has been improved and now offers the possibility to use either standard ground pins or special anti vibrations threaded holes for “screw through” PCB fixation.

This new addition to the M series lineup is providing customers with the highest density ratchet coupling
connectors on the market where vacuumtight integrations are required. The ultra low leak rate coupled to its wide temperature range allow for unmatched performances in optical enclosures or high-altitude

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